Back on the Road

Hi folks — this site has been out of commission for the last year at least. I switched hosting and just never really had the wherewithal to get it running again. But all that's about to change.

On June 27th I'll be starting a new adventure: a nine-day trek up to Fairmont, West Virginia. There I'll be meeting my dad (, who is driving up from Texas with his kayak in tow. I'll take his truck and my bike and haul ass back to Atlanta, while he'll drop the kayak into the Ohio River and start off on a two-month trip of his own.

Around Labor Day I'll drive up to Cairo, Illinois to meet him. He puts the kayak back in the truck and I start a three-day ride down to Nashville. From there I'll Megabus it back to Atlanta. This winter I'll go back up to Nashville and ride my bike home.

So there it is. The glove has been thrown down and the wheels are in motion. As I did with the original Mississippi Trip, I'll document my travels at this website. I expect that with the experience I've accumulated, this will be easier than it was last time, and hence I'll write more.

Stay tuned.